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Tool Rolls are a fun easy way to carry your essential tools around! Whether you're commuting to work on a bike or car, the Tool Roll allows you to easily take your essential tools anywhere you need them to go with style! 

Every Tool Roll comes with standard pocket styles and designed, please refer to the pictures and refer styles available. 

The two styles of Tool Rolls are:

Flat Roll Out: Smaller Tool Roll for the selected essential tools needed for everyday tasks, business, or work.

Fold-Out: Bigger Tool Roll to carry more than the essential tools for your everyday tasks, business, or work.


Any special requests, please use the notes section and we can email you regarding your requests and whether or not it is doable. ANY SPECIAL REQUESTS CHANGING THE DESIGN OR CREATING A KUSTOM TOOL ROLL WILL HAVE ADDITIONAL CHARGES AND YOU WILL BE INVOICED VIA EMAIL AND PAYABLE VIA CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL, ETC. 

Here you can find the colors we have available for the Tool Roll: 




Dimensions: Flat Roll : 25" x 15"

Dimensions: Fold Out Tool Roll:  32" x 15" 

Material: 1000D Cordura



Please allow 3-4 weeks before your item is shipped out. 

We’re a duo team that want to give love, care and ensure of the quality of our handmade products so you can enjoy your adventure in style!

Be cautioned as there might be delays with your order(s) but rest assured, we will keep in contact with you and notify you of such an event. If you need your item by a certain time frame for your future adventure, we will require an additional cost of $10 to expedite your order(s).

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