Kustom Work Consultation

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Looking for a Kustom Bag or Project not listed on our website? 

Here is the place to get a quote on a project with us! We will go over design, colors, what you're looking for out of your bag or project. We will discuss your request via phone, video call, or text messages in conjunction with email! 

We're here to hear your ideas and whether or not the is doable for us. 

We're here for our supporters and want to be fair with the time we dedicate to everyone that wants to support us! 

This consultation fee allows us to find serious supporters looking for a bag or project to be commissioned by us and understand we are a small business consisting of a duo team and cycling enthusiasts that have an urge to be in the outdoors but to also produce and serve our community of addicts as well. 

Thank you for your support! We appreciate every single person that looks to work with us and have us do what we love to do.

We will do our best do work with you while you're working with us! 

Stay Awesome!  


There are no returns or refunds regarding the consultation fee even if you cancel the project or the project never goes to production.

But we honor every consultation from supporters and give you the best consultation we can and decide whether or not the project will be doable for us or not. 

We will do our best do work with you while you're working with us!