Our Story & Mission (About Us)

We're KaiVenture Bags and our mission is simple. We want to inspire, empower, and connect people to a better world through riding a bicycle and venturing out there in this big beautiful realm!

KaiVenture's are adventures where everything happens for a reason and nothing is set in stone. Every decision is meant to be and you always karry what you need, because we have no idea where this trail may lead!

It's a different take on an adventure. You may find yourself in places you didn't mean to end up in but following your gut makes for an unforgettable experience. In other words, enjoy the moment. Don't take life for granted. The world is beautiful. 

What better way to enjoy your beautiful ride than to have a place to hold all of your items you need for such an adventure? KaiVenture Bags wants to provide you a way to express your creative minds while you hold your necessities.

We're are huge belivers in Utilitarianism and are not limited to a set of designs. We want to spread a creative spirit to people and offer them consultations on creating a bag or project specific for their needs.

But we also have the standard colors in all our bags that are handkrafted to order. So, if you just want a solid color, we got you covered!


We're the duo on Instagram that loves adventure cycling, gravel riding, traveling the country, exploring nature, riding around with our 3 Trail "Dingos".  We also make the awesomest bags on the market!

By "we", I mean my awesome and fantastic husband, Kai. (I'm Karen and not that talented but I'm learning!)

We started this side project to fund our KaiVentures where we go bikepacking in many different locations and share that experience with you on Instagram and YouTube. We decided that we can create a new experience for you to order a kustom bike bag! We vow to be as transparent and open with you as a customer and give you a peer-to-peer buying experience where we communicate through several forms of contact from phone calls, emails, and text messages. You are not just a number to us. We want to think of you as wonderful people supporting our addiction and our mission. :)

I'm Karen and I started cycling in 2018. I found cycling to change my life both mentally and physically. I'm a nurse and have been since 2013. I take my medical education in the health field and I aspire to help those experience those benefits as well. I am also the web designer, graphic designer, and I deal with the business side of KaiVenture Bags.

Kai started making the bags on his own after a shoulder injury no longer allowed him to reach into his back jersey pockets and not liking the bags in the current market. They didn't fit his needs so he borrowed his Grandma's Singer, bought some fabric, and started sewing. He is completely self taught [aside from a Home Economics class he took in 6th grade] and after several prototypes, he finally made one he was very happy about. His cycling friends saw his awesome, amateurish work and wanted one, and Kai decided to make them bags too. I was able to watch his creations come to life and, with my experience in business, I was able to convince him to start this side project together.

We find bringing a new unique Kustom bike bag experience to you as our best quality as a bag maker.

But we don't just offer a bag buying experience.We want to do MORE for our cycling community and for the general public. We want everyone to join us in this addiction. It's healthy for you. It's better for the environment. And let's be honest, we would rather be doing something other than sitting in traffic for HOURS.

We want to show and enable you to join us in this addiction. We feel it is good for the soul. And we want everyone to feel the sense of nirvana you experience while bikepacking yourself around this beautiful world. We truly believe you will experience a life changing and appreciating experience with riding yourself around this beautiful Earth. Seeing and experiencing views and sensations like any other. It forces you to use critical thinking. Understanding navigation and relying on your senses and ability to stay on route or to add a detour. We will help you with everything you need to get started! We plan to help millions of you to feel confident to get out there. And bags are a big part of that experience.You only feel comfortable when you have places to hold your essentials. Not just on a bike, but in life. Our motto is ALWAYS BE PREPARED!

We want to thank our friends who have made this possible:

Breezer Bikes:

Breezer made an adventure bike in my tiny size and I'm grateful for it. We met them at SeaOtter and from there on, they supported our crazy addiction for adventure by bringing out amazing bikes. Joe Breeze is a pioneer for mountain biking. His museum  up in northern California is a stop for any cycling enthusiasts!


Skratch Bars

Skratch Bars are amazing! They're amazing people with delicious products. They use amazing great ingredients in their bars. It makes for an easy digestible bar for your bike rides that won't hurt your stomach. Delicious flavors that even your dog will want to snatch from you.


Help us to help our community!