"Peace Keeper" DELUXE Utility Hip/Bar Pack

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This is not your typical bag nor for the typical average Joe. This bad boy here is called the Peace Keeper for a reason. The world is a big place with ever growing Unknown Situations rising. Whether finding a souvenir/treasure or facing a threat, you must be prepared! Whether it be out in nature on the trails, secluded deep on the wilderness, or even on a night stroll around town, our motto is to ALWAYS BE PREPARED!

Keep a peace of mind knowing your always ready for whatever life throws at you. For the average Tourist/Cyclist, enjoy the versatility of being able to wear it OR MOUNT it to your handlebars.

Keep a peace of mind knowing your always ready for whatever life throws at you.

  • Attachments to mount to handlebars for bicycle or anywhere!
  • Versatile and comfy, the Peace Keeper Deluxe has closed-foam padding for protection and comfort
  • Mesh pad for extra komfort and sweat wicking as well as doubles to store the wings and waist band to mount bag to bars or rails
  •  MOLLE webbing on the face and wings for extra attachments like lights, carabiners, etc
  • Side karrying handles
  • Under belly Bungee system
  • Front pocket 
  • Extra carrying space due to DUAL COMPARTMENTS
  • Pocket Organizers in middle compartment 
  • Main kompartment has removable velkro Pocket Wallet for those quick access items you need on the fly or medical kit! (Or when not using ass CCW bag)
  • Quick-Access draw strings
  • 1000D Cordura Canvas with 400D Packcloth liner

(Clear Wallet sold seperately)

For All my 2A Bretheren out there, Enjoy a high quality AMERICAN MADE EDC bag for your CCW. Main Compartment has Quick-Access Draw strings for emergency deployment anytime, anywhere; walking, hiking, or riding your bike.  Velcro inner panel allows for attachment of your velcro holsters and a strap to hold it down securely.

The Cobra Buckle System feature: is  Kai's special design quick adjusting expansion system using a Cobra GT Buckle and mixture of Nexus fasteners. It allows the waist band to extend upto 12 inches more to be able to be worn as a chest sling or just hate seeing that extra flapping webbing you'll never use and never kut down, make it fun!



(Designed to fit most  compact and subcompact pistols and small revolvers, such as 1911 style pistols with 3" barrels; Glock 26/27/28/33/39/43/19/23; Kahr P9/40; Kel-Tec PF9, P11; Kimber EVO SP; Ruger LC9, Security 9, LCR; SCCY CPX Series; Sig Sauer P290, P365, P938; S&W Sigma 380, M&P Shield 9 & 45, M&P M2 Subcompact; Springfield Armory Hellcat, XDS, XD 3"; Taurus PT111, PT140, G2; Walther P22)







Choose through the multiple designs we have that are ranged from simple to standing out! If you would like something more specific to your flavor then select the "Kustom" option for your size and let us know your 2 kolors in the notes!


Material: 1000D Cordura

Liner: 400D Pack Cloth 

Zipper: YKK Urtek Water Resistant

Dimensions: 9in W x6'in H x 4.5 in D

Conceal compartment: 1.5in D

Waist band: 40 inches (Please specify in komment notes if you need mo⁰were length)

Backing: Close cell foam for comfortable & protection

Bar Bag/ Hip Bag




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