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Hi Everyone!

We are back in ACTION!!!

Sorry guys for the abrupt hiatus to our shop!

Kai and I had to take a break from literally EVERYTHING going on in life, and we needed a much needed break and reset!

We apologize for the inconvenience this caused to some of you but we are going to be bringing much more content to this website and to our social media channels!

There are so many updates to our family! We added some additions!

Meet Kortana! Kai's certified service dog! She's been going on some dogpacking VENTURES with Kai!


He's a blue heeler puppy in service dog training! He's spunky and full of energy already and a natural follower on the bike!

Our family GREW for sure!

Klaus is no longer an only child!

As far as Kai and I, we had to take a much needed break from the business, life on the road, and the chaos that life brought to our lives and to our relationship. Running a small business while traveling was definitely a challenge for sure! We don't show the tough or difficult time to our audience or to our friends and family but times did get tough and mental health during times like these requires mental breaks that we weren't experiencing but definitely needed a break from social media, our website, slue of emails coming in daily, bike shop deals on top of an endless order list that pushed back production and much more that we couldn't really handle on our own being a 2 person team. It was just us and our dogs running the business and plenty of people did not understand we weren't a major production with a mass producing production team. We were literally a man and a woman making and sending out all of these bags while trying to do the media, social, and marketing aspects all on our own without any help from anyone else. We definitely took on more than we could handle trying to do this entire business on the road traveling! Haha.

But after the much needed break, we are here now to show our GROWTH as people, small business owners, dog owners, and dog VENTUREs!

We are taking all of our experiences in life on the bicycle to new heights! Bringing you survival skills, venture ideas for your dogs and you, product bike reviews, and much much more!

Thank you for sticking with us for this journey! After the reset we took, we are ready to take this venture to NEW HEIGHTS and new roads! ;)


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