TOP 5 BIKE BAGS to get as Christmas Gifts

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It's that time of year again! Where you try to figure out who's coming over for Thanksgiving and who you owe a Christmas gift too this year!
With the big bicycle boom this year, why not get your NBD friends, family, or coworker a Bike Bag this Christmas! Or get your cyclist or bike enthusiast a Kustom Bike Bag with a name badge or quote! 
I made a list to help those find the perfect gift idea!
Share this list with your loved one, friend, family, or Santa Claus so you can have it under the tree this year!



      Perfect Stocking stuffer! Get your cyclist a Snack Kaddy to hold their coffee, beer, extra water bottle, or a growler whenever they go on their bike adventures! They have 3 pockets to store snacks, small items, or trash so we don't litter the world.
      Perfect gift for any and all ages!


          A Minimalist Bar Bag or Kustom Minimalist Bar Bag is a great gift for a Cycling lover or your beginner bike enthusiasts! They have the ability to store extra food, snacks, and small items such as keys, wallet, and phone. Additionally, you can store warmers and a vest for the chilly winter weather commutes! 


              A Kustom ALLDAY or an ALLDAY BAR BAG is a great gift for your avid cyclists that spends ALLDAY on bike adventures! Or if you would like to carry more items for your bike adventures, this is the bag this Christmas! It holds approx. 3L of your snacks, phone, wallet, warmers, and small items!


              Top Tube Kaddy's are for your avid cyclists and the very AERO conscious riders.
              Add a patch or a name badge to this bag to make it extra special this Christmas!
              You have the option to add inner side pockets for extra organization, and there is a divider in the center to make sure your bag's contents can stay organized. Don't want the divider? Open it and you have one large bag for your items.

              D.S.R.T SADDLE BAG

              D.S.R.T Saddle Bag is the perfect gift this year if you want to get your cyclist a bag to hold their tools, flat tire repair kit, and more. You can give them the ability to store their items and access their stuff without taking the bag off the bike! Get this bag for all ages and experience!





              GIVE & GIVE BACK

              Rest assured this year that you can give & and give back to your community at the same time. We here at KaiVenture Bags understand the struggles brought  on this year and we plan on giving back to the community!

              We are working on great ideas, projects, and working with great people to give back to the community. 

              As a nurse in the field, I see the constant struggles with mental health on daily basis and I plan on helping nonprofit organizations with a focus on mental health and the great outdoors!

              Nonprofits we will be working with:

              Tampered Minds

              The Dirt Therapy Project


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