The Changes Coming - SHOP UPDATE

Posted by Karen Cruz on

Hi Everyone, 

Here is an update on how we’re doing so far! 

We’re doing great! Great news! 

Peer support, the great outdoors, socializing, laughing, exercise - lots of it, artwork/crafts, essential oils, dietary changes, and confiding in close friends is the best medicine anyone can prescribe. 

Not only did we find a community behind us, we found LOVE! 

Thank you to everyone reaching out and checking on us during our time away. It was short but we can’t be out for too long and we are still going to integrate everything mentioned above. 

We learned so much from Life Aid and a big shoutout to Dirt Therapy Project for assisting us in finding resources to help us! 

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help. And if I don’t know the answer to something, I’ll definitely reach out for help. We don’t have a big ego here at KaiVenture Bags. 

We understand that we went wrong with neglecting our exercise.

Kai & I started off doing long strenuous exercise before hitting the road. Kai is naturally an adrenaline junkie and doesn’t produce much melatonin so adventures and strenuous workouts are a must. 

I am also an athlete on many levels that I need exercise and physical stimulus to produce serotonin naturally. Being behind a computer all day is not good for anyone’s health. 

Therefore, from here on out Kai and I will be integrating long bike rides into our daily routines. 

And lead times may increase or limitations on Kustom Bags will be implanted to maintain a steady workflow. 

We will make content for you guys to view all the travels we are doing. It is just difficult to juggle everything we’re doing here on top of traveling now. 

We plan on having a giveaway soon on ALL KINDS OF MERCH - coming soon! 

Artwork galore coming soon! 

Videos galore coming soon! 

Content on top of Content coming soon! 

We never slow down and we’re definitely not throwing in the towel! 

We get right back up and we will come back EVEN STRONGER! 

Wait and see! 

Thanks again everyone for your support! Stay tuned for all the BIG things we have in stored. We promise you’ll be glad you chose us! 


Karen & Kai 

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