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Hi everyone,


(For more information on our normal shipping times, please click this page here.)

With our recent news update regarding our shipping policy due to our upcoming adventures on the Great Divide, that trip has been CANCELLED.

After a collective agreement between Kai & I, we have decided to stay home and continue our work-in-progress trailer, where you can find build updates in our Instagram stories!

We plan on coming out with a build video explaining the process and then do a video walk-through of the finished build on our YouTube page.

We are still riding our bikes and continuing to send out all those bags for you all to continue on riding and carrying your things in style!

Thank you to all that continue to support us.

We have some sad news regarding the special.

We're cancelling the special but will be coming out with great content for all of you! And we hope you join us and escape the craziness of life for a second and go on a bike ride with us. Also, we are going to be piecing together a small update on our trailer! Stay tuned for that on our YouTube Page!

I hope everyone out there is mediating, breathing, exercising, and eating healthy! Oh, and also getting some smiles with those miles on your bike! Stay cool, stay healthy, and stay riding!

Also, I will be coming out with an interesting blog post for those 60 years old+ supporters who are just getting into riding and don't think they can bikepack!

I have good news! You can do it! And I'll explain more in my blog post! Stay tuned if interested on learning why!

Happy riding everyone!



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