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It’s without a doubt that we here at KaiVenture Bags advocate for a better world which starts with the people first. A healthy community promotes a healthy world. This is why we have a mission to inspire others to get out there and start riding on a bike to improve their health and in turn to improve their community’s health by setting a great example for others. 

Why bikes?

Because, they’re fun! 

I have done my own research as well as reading sources that I find absolutely reliable and relate similar to my own experience. 

And I’m sure others can relate to my experience. Working all the time without seeing nature, without physical exercise, and lack of socialization can experience depression, anxiety, diminished health due to lack of sleep and added mental stress. 

A little bit about my background, I used to be obsessed with saving my money while working extra hours at my medical workplace when I didn’t want to leave my coworkers short. I was working  a lot of hours to the point that some of my older coworkers suggested that I slow down. I had decided that I would try and go back to school to force me to slow down from working and to focus on bettering my life. But I was still working more than 40-50 hours a week while going to school full time. It was a mistake not just academically but also a mistake to neglect my overall health. I had started to become depressed, fatigued, and stressed. I saw the same people all the time with the same stressors with life and working a lot of hours. 

Then I started cycling. 

The moment I saw benefits in riding a bike was that I felt overall BETTER. I was happy. I was carefree. I gained confidence. I rode myself out of my own comfort zone in life and started to take more risks. I started to see the world around me and I understood it better. I was also healthier. I had lost weight. My heartrate is regularly at 50 beats per minute. I have more energy. I am healthy now. This is in conjunction with a healthy diet where I choose only healthy choices most of the time with the occasional treat here and there. I am not on a strict diet, to clarify. 


But one of the biggest benefits of riding a bike is the cognitive improvement in memory, reasonings and planning, according to a study by NCBI

Cycling/bike riding helped me understand how the world really worked because it allowed me to explore more ground in nature and that nature in its true essence should be appreciated and not destroyed. We are nature too. This is why in the article by Linda Wasmer Andrews reports, “Cycling outdoors in natural surroundings only magnifies these [health] benefits. That’s because spending time in nature can, in itself, reduce stress and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. There’s also evidence that “green exercise” can boost enjoyment and motivation.”

I find this fascinating as cycling or just riding your bike in general can open your spiritual health as well. Now, this is my opinion and not a study I have done, but I know of a doctor by the name of Zach Bush, MD which discusses our “forgetting” stage of the beauty of life around us. Those that already enjoy and love nature understand this concept. Those flowers, trees, animals, crazy looking rocks, snow, rain, sunrise and sunset are all beautiful scenery and we feel better and enjoy that better than a TV show, movie, or videos on the internet. 

Dr. Bush further elaborates that we are spiritual beings on a journey to nirvana or overall enlightenment that would sore you to ascend into a peaceful person that has no ego and remains in unity of all with Pure Awareness, Presence, Love, and Truth. Essentially, it means to be at peace with everything and everyone one. You will hold no hate, no anger, and only hold happiness and peace within your heart. This includes no fear of death itself. 

Think about it for a second. We all strive to be a better person everyday. 

I’m sure these benefits would arise in people in any physical activity outdoors in nature, but cycling gives a slightly different form of both spiritual & overall health. 

Again, this is my opinion. Cycling gives you both forms because you’re outdoors, you’re exercising, getting your heart rate up, increasing those endorphins and serotonin in your brain and you’re in nature most of the time. You see trees, the sky, the birds, and the ground. You are one with nature. You feel the Earth underneath you. You feel the hills, the flat roads, the curves and corners. You feel the morning mist transition into the hot afternoon. You feel nature. You appreciate nature. You smell the aromas of beautiful flowers blowing in the wind, or you smell the fresh fruit growing in a garden. 

You remember the beauty again. 


Adding to that, people have the idea of “child-like” activity when it comes to riding a bike. It brings people joy in a different way and brings out the kid in us all. We can go fast, go slow, downhill, curves, or just a straight road and riding next to the ocean, beach, trees, and just being out riding around can affect you spiritually because you’re happy. You’re not spending time being angry looking at posts on Facebook, Instagram, & etc. You’re outside and you’re doing an activity. Your mind is already free and at peace while riding outdoors.

Ryan Duzer from Duzer TV even exclaims that you will not find bike rage out there. 

And he is right. I traveled 1,200+ miles on a bikepacking trip and everytime we saw cyclists or people out on the roads riding their bikes, they had nothing but a BIG SMILE on their faces. 

I’m sure there are a handful of situations to say otherwise but why gripe on those moments when you can appreciate life instead. 

The world is beautiful and bike riding can allow you to cover more ground while you increase your health overall. 


The saying of “happy wife, happy life” can hold true to world peace as it starts with us first, “happy people, happy world.” 

Thanks for reading. 

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