Paracord: Why We Use It

Posted by Karen Cruz on

Paracord is a very useful and innovated tool used by survivalists for years. It was first developed for parachutes during WWII. It is composed of seven two ply yarns with the sheath composed of 32 woven strands. It has a minimum breaking point of 550 LBS, which is enough to tow a car.

The uses for 550 paracords are endless. So many color choices from colorful paracord to glow-in-the-dark ones.

We use paracord because of it's strength and adaptability. But the main reason we use it is to make it easier to get in out of your bags or projects commissioned by us!

It adds a splash of personality to your projects and bags!

Easily grab your paracord to open your bag or to close it.


On some bags, you can even remove the paracord and use it for repairs (ref:picture below). such as when you're having a mechanical issues. 

Or if you lose one of your mounts, you can replace it with some paracord. (See picture below).

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