NEW UPDATE ON KaiVenture Bags HQ!

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Hi everyone!
Karebear here and I'm here to tell you about some AWESOME updates we have going on!
We first want to thank all of you for your support in these trying times!
You may have notice we took time from posting on Instagram to focus on orders.
Well, that is because we are SWAMPED with support! Being a two person operation is a bit challenging and being on the road added to that challenge.
So, we're back in California to catch up on our long queue and settle down for some stability and much needed family time!

The SHOP Update

We are surely catching up on ticket orders and we want to make sure that everyone knows that we may not be able to answer your emails as quickly as we are working away getting all of your bags off the sewing machine and out to your door as fast as we can!
We also have amazing news coming out with awesome collaborations, more giveaways, and VIDEOS with some familiar faces!
We are coming out with awesome videos on our website and Youtube so subscribe to our mailing list when the videos launch on our website before Youtube!
We are coming out with great video content so make sure to subscribe! 
And thanks again for the support!



Klaus has become much bigger and with his size comes more ENERGYYYYY.
So, we got him & us a BEST FRIEND to keep him on his toes and keep him occupied while we get much needed work done. And she will be my partner in dog bikepacking!
Meet Korra!
Korra is an amazing beautiful Blue Heeler puppy who enjoys beating up Klaus!
She's fiesty and sweet and a perfect match to Klaus' personality! ;)
You can expect much needed puppy goodness coming soon!

Vincent UPDATE

Vincent didn't like the road life too much and didn't like NiKlaus getting bigger, stronger, and more playful. We got NiKlaus before we went on the road so that Vincent had a buddy at all times and wouldn't be alone. But alas, we come to find that Vincent didn't like traveling during the winter nor did he like traveling for a long period of time or NiKlaus tackling him all day long. He prefers short car rides, laps, and cuddles from a lot of people now due to his age. And he prefers not running for long periods. So, Vincent is going to be staying with my family for the time being to enjoy a yard, lots of friends his size to play with and lots of laps and cuddles.

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