Let's Ride for the Month of MAY!

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Hey Guys,

We had a video podcast with Aaron from Pedal Movement and Michael from LockedIn again.

Micheal has been a BIG help with these and showing us the rope and hosting for us.

We are going to be working more with Michael in the future and we have a ton of projects in mind.

Michael, Aaron, Kai and I discussed what cycling means to us and how we started and why we LOVE it and the reason we want to inspire others to jump on a bike as well to go somewhere, to do something.

Cycling in general opened many doors for us spiritually. What Michael discussed in the podcast was that he felt as if he gets in the zone where he doesn't think about problems, life, or how much pain he is in for all the miles he had ridden.

It was about the mediation of riding and getting lost in the moment and just enjoying the act of riding a bicycle and being outdoors.

Cycling has opened many doors for Aaron too. Aaron discussed how much fun he has on a bike and how many trips he has taken and the future trips he wants to take.

This is why Aaron found himself at Pedal Movement. He wants to also inspire people to get out there. They used to host seminars and classes before the whole crisis began. 

And we want to help inspire ALL OF YOU to get out and ride a bike. I would love to hear the reasons that keep you from riding. Whether it is health conditions, you feel you don't have enough knowledge to take care of mechanical issues, or you're just too worried you won't make it.

We want to help! And we also wanted to help bring inspiration for people to ride whether it's a little or a lot of miles. Aaron, along with Pedal Movement and LOVE TO RIDE have come together to create Tier Prize Packages!

Head on over to this link, and register to record your miles and to be entered to win prizes! Make sure to also join the Pedal Movement Group on the Love to Ride website!

KaiVenture Bags want to see you guys get out there and win one of very own Wedgie Frame Bag, Minimalist Bar Bag, or Snack Kaddy!

 Also, I made Aaron a Pedal Movement patch for coming on and talking to us!

Maybe these will go on the prizes? We shall see!


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