KaiVenture Bags NEW montage video updates!

Posted by Karen Cruz on

Hey everyone!

You all are awesome!

Karebear here with a quick update!

With everything going on in 2021, we decided to do something else with the time as we find ways to ensure we do not fall into inventory complications. Not due to us traveling, but because there are back orders of things we are missing and are finding different ways to combat the issues.

No worries though! If there are issues with your ticket order, you would definitely be getting an email.

We want to ensure that everyone is patient and understands that we are putting everything into getting your bags out!

Rest assured, all bags are made with love!

So please enjoy the video edits I have done just to pass the time. We will be sharing more bikepacking stories, more fun videos, giveaways, and MORE!

Stay tuned guys!

Big things are coming!



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