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Hi guys!

We know it's difficult to find that special someone an awesome gift that's from your heart and out of love! My first choice is to draw them something or make them something out of your love! You can add to the gift giving process by getting them a thoughtful gift from the human beings below. These items consist of thoughtful gifts for either their health or for love of a hobby that can remind them of you every time they use it. And you'll be supporting awesome causes & people as well!

  1. Dirt Therapy Project
  2. Uncanna CBD
  3. Handske
  4. Thread + Spoke
  5. Skratch Labs

Dirt Therapy Project

It feels so awesome to give to a good cause and it also gives you good karma and an awesome feeling to support a cause for the great outdoors and veteran support for those who suffer from PTSD, depression, and other mental illness caused due to their service to their countries. They even support veterans that served different countries but are now living in the USA. Grab yourself a tshirt, Jersey, Patches, or some gear to remind yourself that Dirt Therapy is a project worth supporting!

Website: Dirt Therapy Project

Uncanna CBD

Uncanna is owned by a veteran and an amazing person looking to help people! They're so charitable and very supportive! We absolutely had a blast with our guy Coby at the Dirt Therapy Meet up where he and Kai went on an awesome Venture together! Uncanna has an amazing line of CBD products that you can give to your health conscious loved ones. Uncanna has a lot of information on which CBD products could be helpful for pain, sleep, recovery and even has some products for your pets! Check them out! We personally use them for pain and it worked wonders for us, so we cannot recommend them enough! They also have an amazing discount program but you can also use our code: KAIVENTURE at checkout for 10% off.

Website: Uncanna CBD


Handske is an amazing venture company with awesome gloves, apparel, Kustom options, and now some AWESOME BAR BAGS! Support Handske and KaiVenture Bags by getting yourself or your receiver an awesome gift along with supporting the Venture spirit! We personal met Sem in person and we just hit it off because we both love just riding bikes anywhere anytime and getting lost by venturing off the beaten path! Supporting them is also supporting us so feel awesome knowing you're supporting dreams!



Thread + Spoke

Whether your lovely gift receiver is a cycling enthusiast or not there's awesome tshirt designs that are created by the guys that own it! Support fellow Venture enthusiasts and give an awesome gift that will make that person show tremendous love by wearing it and being reminded by your tremendous spirit and tribute to your kindness. It also doubles as a hug everytime they wear it! ;)

 Website: Thread + Spoke

Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs is an amazing company that is keeping us fueled for any time we need a quick nutritious snack on-the-go! They have amazing products from recovery powder, protein, or hydration. Skratch will keep you going while not causing any harm to your body at least from our personal experience! The recipes are created by Dr. Allen Skratch in Boulder, Colorado. They have an awesome team of individuals who feel like they're a family and we look forward every time we get to work with them! Get your receiver an awesome gift card to get their favorite flavor or if you know them well enough, get them a box of their favorite flavor! Don't forget that you'll get a free sample of Skratch within every ticket order on our website! While supplies last so grab a bike bag & Skratch all-in-one!

Website: Skratch Labs




That's it! I know we feel awesome when we're supporting companies that align with our own values and that's Ventures anytime, anywhere! We also feel warm inside when we know that the people we're supporting are amazing individuals looking to do good in the world and we're all in this together since we all live on this planet together! So by taking care of each other, we're taking care of the world. Change starts when we change our hearts to love rather than monetary value.

Love ya guys! Truly!

Let's spread nothing but love now!

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