BETA Prototype Name Patch System

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We're always looking for new innovative ways in creating a fully KUSTOM experience for our supporters. 

I had a couple of people requesting embroidery names and patches in a couple emails. As we regularly sew on patches for clients that send them to be sewn during the production process, we believe that small service adds to the kustom experience we offer our supporters. 

But I had been wanting to create our own in house patches for sometime now and I finally have the ability to- what I like to call- double dip on my endeavors, if you will. 

For a short time, I'm going to be offering embroidery name patches at a discounted price for a limited time. I can only offer the service of a name or quote and create a patch for your Kustom Bags. 

I can only offer this Beta System in ANY of our KUSTOM BAGS and FACE COVERS orders ONLY

I cannot claim warranty on the name patches. They are not waterproof or water resistant. Again, this is a beta system I wanted to offer to our supporters who are looking to add more customizability to their bags with their name or a quote. I am also offering this at a discounted price since this is just in the baby stages before we start offering it. I'll be doing this for FREE for the first 5 people that email, direct message us on Instagram or Facebook. 

A name gives you more customizability and adds a more personal touch for your Kustom Bags or Face Covers. I plan to eventually add more designs for people to choose from in the future. But for now, those that would like to add a name or quote to their bags, please send in your request! 


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